Powderdise, UT - Photographer Adam Clark
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backcountry skiing emergency/repair kit

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Some seasons come on quickly and I feel like I’m in full ski mode before I have time to gather the gear together. That’s not the case this year, plenty of time for tinkering and prepping in this beautiful 60 degree weather….

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Every now and then a product so simple and revolutionary comes along that you wonder, WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT. Well….I did think of this and the ski world will never be the same.  With the help of Flylow…

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superior south ridge – video


I haven’t done much video work in the summer, but I had the idea and desire to put together a fun segment on one of my favorite mountain routes, the South Ridge of Superior. It’s an incredible 3,000 foot scramble…

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slideshow and fundraiser in fort collins


For all the many years that Fort Collins was on the Powderwhore tour it was always one of our favorite stops. The community there is great! And everybody comes out to support the local volunteer backcountry ski patrol, Diamond Peaks….

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burlington vt, slideshow


  Sooooooo……..this should be a fun night! Going to drag up the worst/best of Powderwhore and do a presentation in Burlington next week. Come on out if you’re in the hood and grab a beer and win some sweet BD…