Some nice new gear arrived last week, so Jason and Andy Dorais, and I headed up Suicide chute to do some skiing. I forgot my camera, Andy forgot his pants and we all tried to remember how to ski since it had been so long. Right as we got to the col it starting poooooooring rain. We all laughed our way down the chute in the downpour. After getting rained out in Peru, AK and now Mount Superior I’m starting to think I may be cursed! Good times and decent turns.

Andy and I backtracking through the lower waterfall Photo-Jason Dorais

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.44.02 PM

The new boots are sweet, but I’ve been asked not to talk about them just yet. Excited to get more time in them and put up a review.

Jason with fullĀ photo documentation

Might be a wrap from me on the skiing end for a few months. Pretty strange season with some major highs and major lows. Makes me appreciate an average snowpack and all the successful trips I’ve been lucky enough to experience. Just shows how much of it is out of our hands and that you just have to keep swinging to get the hits.

I’ll catch up on Peru in the mean time while making plans for Chile and New Zealand for late Summer/Fall.