“The public out cry for ultra-endurance skimo adventure films with spandex clad ski-runners has been heard and answered with SKIING THE HARDROCK 100” 

-Sastrugi Magazine- 

“Several kick turns above the rest.” 

-Skimo Daily-

This was a difficult challenge on both the filming and editing ends of creation. My goal when capturing adventures has always been to stay out of the way of the action and capture what really happens, not manipulate shots and set up shit, doing take after take. I want to make it as “real” and raw, not polished and perfect and shiny. Shooting gorilla style on this project was the only option, but it was much harder than I imagined. Trying to keep up with these speed freaks was one of the toughest physical chores of my life. And then cutting together that much interview and action while keeping the story flowing and entertaining ended up being difficult. In the end I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish in the mountains and on the media side. Even if you’re not a skier, or a skimo connoisseur I hope you’ll see this in the broader context of adventure, where folks dream big and go for it! Thanks to Jason, Paul and Scott for inviting me along on this madness.