A few years ago I took a moment and wrote down the things I wanted to do before I die. Other than ski goals the only thing that made the final cut was the strong desire to build a cabin. I didn’t have much money, but I started looking around to see what was available. I found some affordable property in Idaho and eastern Utah, but those seemed too far away to access frequently. Then a friend turned me onto an incredible lot. He and some of the neighbors would kill me if I disclosed the location. So, let’s just say it’s somewhere in the Uintah’s.

Powderwhore and my brother were kind enough to loan me the cash to make it work. I’ve been slowly improving the ground over the past few summers with the hope of building a cabin sometime down the road. In the meantime, I picked up a classic 1978 camper off of KSL to base out of . I’ve completely fallen in love with the land and spend way too much time up there acting like I’m retired or something.

Last winter Jonah came up and we shot a short little piece for my friends at Julbo for their sweet new Aerospace goggles, because, as it turns out the skiing isn’t bad either.