I haven’t found any other activity more fulfilling and challenging than touring through the dynamic mountains in winter.

(One of my first tours in the heart of the Wasatch. 1997)


For almost 20 years  years I’ve explored almost every chute, bowl and canyon in the Wasatch mountains while seeking face-shots, filming for Powderwhore Productions and ticking off personal projects. I’ve shared those experiences in writing and on video. Now, I’m looking forward to sharing my backyard on a much more personal level by guiding backcountry ski tours, teaching clinics and leading a weekly Introduction to Backcountry Skiing group.


The Wasatch Range is the perfect venue, no other mountain range on earth offers up such a wide variety of terrain that’s easily accessible and coated with stellar snow. Even our average winters are far from average.


Red River Adventures has secured a small number of permitted guiding days. They have invited the Straightchuter himself, Andrew McLean and myself to lead some fun and unique adventures. All levels of fitness and riding ability available from mellow angle powder, to linking up peaks, to steep skiing the Wasatch classics. I’ve dedicated half my life to understanding and learning from the snowy mountain environment and venturing safely through it. We’ll head out with respect for mother nature and safely ski what conditions allow us.  

Let’s go skiing!

Please contact myself, or visit Red River Adventures for rates and booking. 



Permitted through Red River Adventures and the Salt Lake District National Forrest Service.