I’m just going to slip this video in here and pretend it hasn’t taken me two years to edit and release it ……….;)

Perhaps the initial blog posts about Ben Peters and I on our Alaskan Ski Holiday, two years ago, have been forgotten and this will just be a fun refresher. We really only had 3 or 4 sunny days on our two week stay, but we had great snow on incredible steep and unique lines for two of those days.

The video is raw and rough and I apologize for the cheesy voice over, but this is better than the other treatments I tried. The world of video is going the direction of ultra-polished and 8K hyper reality, but I am proud of what we did here trying to capture as close as possible to what the reality was. This was the perfect balance of light and fast gorilla style shooting while actually getting some shit done.

Spring ski season is upon us! Enjoy this look back at some fun turns in the Ruth Gorge.