Antarctic Peninsula - Photographer Jim Harris



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scarpa f-1 boot review

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Scarpa F-1 boot review   Weight: 1230g; 2lbs 11oz (1/2 pair size 27) The past season I’ve been skiing/testing a few new iterations of the Scarpa F-1 backcountry ski boot.  I’ve been getting a bunch of questions about them so I…

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quiver 2015

Gear, Noah Howell, Winter 2015

After umpteen years of working with Black Diamond and skiing on their skis, I’ve made the switch to work with the great local manufacturer, Voile. It’s only been a short time, but it’s very exciting to work with a medium…

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Dome Sweet Dome

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I’m not a writer, but I enjoy the challenge it presents and the introspection it can award. And I really like sharing and discussing adventures on snow. I was invited to contribute to the new backcountry ski journal Ascent. The…

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tools of the trade

Blog, Gear, Winter 2014

  I haven’t blogged about gear very much in the past because I do a bunch of gear reviews over at They make it easy to get the product information, post reviews and ask questions. And now you can…

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boot quiver 2014


      We all get to decide what “skiing” means on our own individual level. With all the gear manufacturers crafting backcountry tools we don’t have to be defined or limited by the gear, but only by imagination and…