Tordrillo Mtns, AK - Photographer Jay Beyer



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moto adventure summer 2010

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After a few trips fell through we finally got a small crew together for a weekend moto ride. Trip report posted HERE by the master navigator and fearless leader.

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moto loop to hanksville

Blog, Moto, Summer 2009

I was lucky enough to survive one epic moto ride this summer, so why not push my luck. The proposed route was a fully inspired breathtaking loop through the diverse central part of this lovely state called Utah. Our 750…

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fall moto trip

Blog, Moto, Summer 2009

Leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for one last moto trip before the snow falls (fingers crossed). The ‘plan’ is to head south to Hanksville staying on as much dirt as possible while camping along the way. Braaaaaap Braaap.

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team monkey spank-slc to jax

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I got invited along on an epic two wheeled adventure north from Ogden Canyon to Jackson Hole. A recently formed bike gang calling themselves Team Monkey Spank inducted me into the tribe with a 960 mile ride over 8 days…

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hello moto

Blog, Moto, Summer 2009

I’m finally happy and willing to accept that winter is over for me. Time to edit next years movie and start training for the upcoming ski season (only 5 months away). Also a nice time to cruise around on a…

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moto-vated on mount nebo

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So if you checked the link from my last post (here) you saw some high quality pics from Derek that pretty much covered the outing. Well it might be redundant, but I’ve got a few to add. We hoofed it…

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moto nebo

Blog, Moto, Ski Mountaineering, Winter 2009

I recently purchased a street legal dirt bike for cruising town and playing around off road. Got a call from Derek who just picked up a bike as well, he wanted to put them to use for a ski tour….