Powderdise, UT - Photographer Adam Clark



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powder daze- video

Noah Howell, Powderwhore, Video, Winter 2016

First snow of the season fell today high in the Wasatch mountains! I’m already much too excited about winter 2017 even though skiing is still months away. I’ve been re-discovering the fun of editing with the “Skiing The Hardrock 100”…

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pw exit interview

Blog, Powderwhore

I know, stop living in the past, enough of the PW crap. But, when good friend Drew Tabke asked if he could do an interview Jonah and I couldn’t say no. For a good hour we got all sentimental and…

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whore no more

Blog, Powderwhore, Winter 2015

  After ten long and powder filled years Jonah and I have decided to stop filming and producing Powderwhore films. Why? The answer is complex. So many factors and reasons. Something Else was the film we had hoped we could…

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Some Thing Else

Blog, Noah Howell, Powderwhore, Video

Too strange and hard to believe that Jonah and I just finished up work on our 10th backcountry film! This whole Powderwhore thing started as a joke, became a hobby and now it’s still a joke that sometimes feels like…

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on tour

Noah Howell, Powderwhore

Once the film is made it’s time to share it with the WORLD, or at least a very small and dedicated group of snow enthusiasts in select locations throughout the West.     It all kicks off at Brewvies in…