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Steep Camp

Blog, Ski Mountaineering, Winter 2010

Sorry for the posting drought! It’s been my goal to add something of interest once a week, but that hasn’t been easy this winter. The thin and scary snowpack has made it difficult to safely attempt much. The tick list…

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stupor tour

Blog, Epics, Ski Mountaineering, Winter 2009

One of the longest days I’ve spent in the mountains (16hrs 6mins) is going to make for a long blog entry. This is just a warning that this read might take a bit longer than the average of 1:57min per…

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moto-vated on mount nebo

Blog, Moto, Ski Mountaineering

So if you checked the link from my last post (here) you saw some high quality pics from Derek that pretty much covered the outing. Well it might be redundant, but I’ve got a few to add. We hoofed it…

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moto nebo

Blog, Moto, Ski Mountaineering, Winter 2009

I recently purchased a street legal dirt bike for cruising town and playing around off road. Got a call from Derek who just picked up a bike as well, he wanted to put them to use for a ski tour….