Bryce Canyon, UT - Photographer Jay Beyer



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skiing the hardrock 100 – video

Blog, Epics, Ski Mountaineering, SkiMo, Video, Winter 2016

“The public out cry for ultra-endurance skimo adventure films with spandex clad ski-runners has been heard and answered with SKIING THE HARDROCK 100”  -Sastrugi Magazine-  “Several kick turns above the rest.”  -Skimo Daily- This was a difficult challenge on both the filming and editing…

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powder daze- video

Noah Howell, Powderwhore, Video, Winter 2016

First snow of the season fell today high in the Wasatch mountains! I’m already much too excited about winter 2017 even though skiing is still months away. I’ve been re-discovering the fun of editing with the “Skiing The Hardrock 100”…

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Some Thing Else

Blog, Noah Howell, Powderwhore, Video

Too strange and hard to believe that Jonah and I just finished up work on our 10th backcountry film! This whole Powderwhore thing started as a joke, became a hobby and now it’s still a joke that sometimes feels like…

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elevation trailer

Blog, Noah Howell, Powderwhore, Video

Actions speak louder than words, that’s one of the things I really like about video. Jonah and I have been working very hard and having fun with the new film. Please come check it out on tour or pick up…

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Holden Village Video

Blog, Noah Howell, Powderwhore, Video, Winter 2013

I’ve been working with BD for almost a decade and it’s been a great partnership. They’ve asked me to contribute exclusive content for their Journal. I’m a bit behind in logging and editing this winter’s activities, but check out the…

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best powder segment

Blog, Noah Howell, Powderwhore, Video, Winter 2012

Last year was infuckingcredible in the Wasatch Mountains! That is, if you like powder snow. And I do! In sharp and painful contrast to this season’s grim start, last winter delivered. I remember passing on days because it ONLY snowed…