Wasatch Mtns, UT - Photographer Jim Harris
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utah skimo

Training, Winter 2014

The skiing is lack luster, but that shouldn’t stop us from putting the hurt on and conditioning for the snow that will come.   Whether you’re rocking light, or might, come out to the inaugural Wasatch Citizens Series race this…

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boot quiver 2014


      We all get to decide what “skiing” means on our own individual level. With all the gear manufacturers crafting backcountry tools we don’t have to be defined or limited by the gear, but only by imagination and…

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on tour

Noah Howell, Powderwhore

Once the film is made it’s time to share it with the WORLD, or at least a very small and dedicated group of snow enthusiasts in select locations throughout the West.     It all kicks off at Brewvies in…

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wurl complete

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    A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. -Denis Waitley-   W= It’s in the heart…

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giving it a wurl

Blog, Summer 2013

    At long last, Jason Dorais and I are giving the classic WURL (Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Link-up) a go. We’ll start early Tuesday morning and go until we finish, or are finished. Play along at home, you can follow…

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twin peaks

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    It’s been a summer long battle between heat and rain in the Wasatch. Both of which have been making it very difficult to commit to the WURL¬†(contrived and first completed by Jared Campbell). Well that and the mind…

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elevation trailer

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Actions speak louder than words, that’s one of the things I really like about video. Jonah and I have been working very hard and having fun with the new film. Please come check it out on tour or pick up…

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Blog, Powderwhore, Winter 2013

Summer is flying by! Days have been spent editing the new film and working on the promotional materials. I love this part of my job. It’s so different from the travel and filming aspect, but still very related. With Powderwhore…