Whipple Couloir, UT - Photographer Adam Clark
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whippet retrival

Blog, Hiking, Summer 2009

If you’ve been following along, last spring this happened- http://noahhowell.com/?s=generator+couloir(Scroll down to Generator) During the rappel Darrell set his whippets down and forgot them. By the time he remembered, we were too far committed to the descent to retrieve them….

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take me to the river

Blog, Summer 2009

It’s been a long long time (maybe since 1998) that I haven’t been working long hours through the summer to save up for winter. First it was manual labor in San Diego, then over the past few season’s I’ve been…

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mount olympus west slab

Blog, Hiking, Summer 2009

I grew up in the foothills of Mount Olympus and it’s still one of my favorite Wasatch Peaks. It’s a good early morning summer outing. There are many fun ways up, and all of them provide inspiration, adventure and perspiration….

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oquirrh traverse

Blog, Epics, Hiking, Summer 2009

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Why? Not so sure, but it seems strange to live close to this range and never explore it at all. I watch the sunset daily over these peaks and…

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hello moto

Blog, Moto, Summer 2009

I’m finally happy and willing to accept that winter is over for me. Time to edit next years movie and start training for the upcoming ski season (only 5 months away). Also a nice time to cruise around on a…

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stupor tour

Blog, Epics, Ski Mountaineering, Winter 2009

One of the longest days I’ve spent in the mountains (16hrs 6mins) is going to make for a long blog entry. This is just a warning that this read might take a bit longer than the average of 1:57min per…