Whipple Couloir, UT - Photographer Adam Clark
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moto loop to hanksville

Blog, Moto, Summer 2009

I was lucky enough to survive one epic moto ride this summer, so why not push my luck. The proposed route was a fully inspired breathtaking loop through the diverse central part of this lovely state called Utah. Our 750…

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fall moto trip

Blog, Moto, Summer 2009

Leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for one last moto trip before the snow falls (fingers crossed). The ‘plan’ is to head south to Hanksville staying on as much dirt as possible while camping along the way. Braaaaaap Braaap.

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fallen angel

Alaska, Blog, Winter 2009

Looks like the rumors are true. Shortly after Dylan and I left the Alaska Range a team of two sped up and over the Sultana Ride and descended the Archangel! Blog report here. Amazing circumnavigation requiring serious commitment and balls…

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team monkey spank-slc to jax

Blog, Epics, Moto

I got invited along on an epic two wheeled adventure north from Ogden Canyon to Jackson Hole. A recently formed bike gang calling themselves Team Monkey Spank inducted me into the tribe with a 960 mile ride over 8 days…

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flakes is coming

Blog, Powderwhore

The movie is all wrapped up and Jonah has been posting some news and updates over on www.powderwhore.com. We are both really excited about how our baby turned out. We are working on getting the trailer out there and promoting…

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whippet retrival

Blog, Hiking, Summer 2009

If you’ve been following along, last spring this happened- http://noahhowell.com/?s=generator+couloir(Scroll down to Generator) During the rappel Darrell set his whippets down and forgot them. By the time he remembered, we were too far committed to the descent to retrieve them….

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take me to the river

Blog, Summer 2009

It’s been a long long time (maybe since 1998) that I haven’t been working long hours through the summer to save up for winter. First it was manual labor in San Diego, then over the past few season’s I’ve been…

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mount olympus west slab

Blog, Hiking, Summer 2009

I grew up in the foothills of Mount Olympus and it’s still one of my favorite Wasatch Peaks. It’s a good early morning summer outing. There are many fun ways up, and all of them provide inspiration, adventure and perspiration….

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oquirrh traverse

Blog, Epics, Hiking, Summer 2009

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Why? Not so sure, but it seems strange to live close to this range and never explore it at all. I watch the sunset daily over these peaks and…