Wasatch Mtns, UT - Photographer Adam Clark
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50 feet to faceplant

Blog, Powderwhore, Winter 2008

This is a photo sequence of a fun 8′ to 50′ double in upper Cardiff that went completley wrong. It looked good from below, but dropping in off the cornice put me onto surprisingly firm snow that caused acceleration towards…

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chugach, ak 2008

Alaska, Blog, Powderwhore, Winter 2008

March wrapped up nicely with the annual migration north to Alaska. The PW crew hit the road for Alyeska and the Telepalooza (details here) event. Drawn back by the amazing lines we captured last year, we’ve returned to the Chugach…

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field testing:megawatt ski by black diamond

Blog, Gear, Video, Winter 2008

This isn’t so much a ski review as it is a celebration of the floatiest, fastest, non-tip divingest pleasure-boards I’ve encountered. Black Diamond Megawatt Length=188cm Dimensions=153-125-130mm Turn Radius=42m I’ve had the privilege of being a BD product tester for the…

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denali 2006

Alaska, Blog, Epics, Powderwhore, Video, Winter 2006

Here is a brief trip report, with pics and vid, of a trip to Denali in the spring of 2006 Expediton name: Whiskey Ed Magin-Team Leader/Head Water Boiler/Alarm Clock Operator and Motivator John Colter- Photographer/Cookie Dough Porter/Morale Officer Noah Howell-Videographer/Igloo…