Powderdise, UT - Photographer Adam Clark
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new zealand 2015

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Low altitude peaks, a vast hut systems, clean water, no foreign language barrier, and a strong U.S. dollar all make NZ a no brainer. Especially for steep technical terrain! A propensity for bad weather, icy slopes and the cost of…

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This guy out front, with the shit eating grin, had an idea for a medieval traverse last week. Two big traverses actually, in one day. For some reason he invited me and for some reason, I said yes. Behold the…

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pw exit interview

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I know, stop living in the past, enough of the PW crap. But, when good friend Drew Tabke asked if he could do an interview Jonah and I couldn’t say no. For a good hour we got all sentimental and…

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There is no place on this planet as unique as the Central Wasatch Mountains. Its close proximity to a large city, ease of access, quality of snowfall, and multiplicity of user groups all interacting and overlapping in such a tiny…

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yoga for stress relief


Warning: the following is a shameless plug for my beautiful and intelligent friend, lover, and Yogi. My yoga history dips up and down over the past 15 years like many rounds of sun salutations. It’s one of those things that…