Ruth Gorge, AK - Photographer Garret Grove


Bio: Born and inbred in SLC beneath the mighty Wasatch Mountains, somewhere along the way I fell off track and discovered an obsession for ascending to high places and skiing back down them. I’ve been traveling the snowy places of the world practicing that craft for the past 15 years. Call it backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, or adventure skiing. There are so many aspects and I love them all; the inspiration, the perspiration, the challenge, the thrills, the travel, the friends, the meditation, the powder, the nature, and the exploration all keep me hiking back up for more.

– Chronological list of  notable descents

– Founded, produced, directed, and skied in all 10 Powderwhore Productions films

– Named one of   “50 Icon’s of Backcountry Skiing” by Backcountry Magazine

– Powder Magazine: cover photo, photo annual

– Contributing writer for Ascent Backcountry Journal and

– Nominated for “Best Powder Segment”, 2011 Powder Video Awards


– Training at Gym Jones

– Print and web media


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